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RFMD Rating: 3 SELL 09/02/2014
12.76 a chort n LTCT
3 JoeJustJoe
AGCO Rating: 4 BUY 09/02/2014
Figures could be better, but still rely on long term.
0 Belgiumguy
AMZN Rating: 2 BUY 09/02/2014
Winner between now and late into the 4th quarter
0 MightyMo vip
RCL Rating: 2 SELL 09/01/2014
Paired trade w/ CCL
1 InvestmentMAGE vip
LMNR Rating: 0 BUY 08/31/2014
recent estimates have been moving higher for Limoneira. In fact, the Earnings ESP for LMNR is positive, which is a great sign of a coming beat.

0 InvestmentMAGE vip
HNNMY Rating: 0 SELL 08/31/2014
an intriguing short trading at all-time highs with a healthy valuation at 15-16x 2014 EBITDA, 25x P/E for a business with deteriorating fundamentals.

0 InvestmentMAGE vip
BSFT Rating: 0 SELL 08/31/2014
Losing Momentum

0 InvestmentMAGE vip
LRCX Rating: 5 BUY 08/30/2014
Over the past year, the company
spent $716 million on research and
development, or about 16% of total

0 InvestmentMAGE vip
JLL Rating: 3 BUY 08/30/2014
Jones Lang has reported four
straight quarters of at least 16% revenue
growth, and cash fl ow has shown
encouraging growth in the last three

0 InvestmentMAGE vip
VALE Rating: 3 BUY 08/30/2014
"Vale's low-cost production affords it a lasting advantage. "

0 InvestmentMAGE vip
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