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zantriocom's Blog : Free Daily Stock Picks 1-6-2010

Date January 6, 2010    Comments Comments (0)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (97)   
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(TPX) - buy
Tempur-Pedic International said it expects Q4 profit and sales to exceed earlier expectations sending shares higher in after market session.

(SNX) - buy
Synnex Q4 topped market estimates at 87 cents a share compared to analysts expectations of 60 cents a share.

(MOS) - short
Mosaic Q2 profit dove 89% as demand for products and selling prices fell.

(SONC) - short
Sonic reported Q1 earnings of $0.10 p/s, $0.03 worse than consensus, rev fell 25.9% yoy to $136.5M vs $137.1M consensus and anticipates earnings for 2010 will be flat.

(ETP) - short
Energy Transfer announced 7.5M common unit offering sending shares lower in aftermarket trading.


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