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Vet67to82's Blog : Investing in unique - the "TERMINATOR" line

Date April 8, 2010    Comments Comments (0)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (154)   
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April 08, 2010 –

When it comes to investing the money clearly flows to companies with unique products that the competition can NOT readily replicate, or match. Like Apple, Inc,, HPQ is a company that keeps producing products the competition is hard pressed to copy and match. You have to read this:

H.P. Sees a Revolution in Memory Chip
By JOHN MARKOFF Published: April 7, 2010

HP has been reporting interesting info in their advances on memristors.

The above article reports on memristors, advances in the design " ... of a new class of diminutive switches capable of replacing transistors as computer chips shrink closer to the atomic scale. " New chips that " ... hold out the prospect of fashioning analog computing systems that function more like biological brains. "

"Biological" is the doomsday stuff of endless sci-fi movies, computers that can have independent thought, ... independent decision making capability ... computers and memristors ... hmmmm! Look at "creations" the movie industry came up with that are "real" products now ... like the "jet pack" from "Buck Rogers", etc.

But the biggest achievement is hidden in : " ... that they had devised a new method for storing and retrieving information from a vast three-dimensional array of memristors. The scheme could potentially free designers to stack thousands of switches in a high-rise fashion, permitting a new class of ultradense computing devices even after two-dimensional scaling reaches fundamental limits. "

This is a wow ... that could have Intel, AMD, Nvidia, IBM, Apple, etc runnuing to HPQ ....
and the rest of us "sci-fi" fans stocking up on ammo .... maybe HPQ will name their new chips the "TERMINATOR" line

... catchy isn't it?

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