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Vet67to82's Blog : Looking for Healthcare Monday's Market direction

Date March 20, 2010    Comments Comments (0)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (115)   
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Sadly, the outlook for a positive close on Friday ... didn't work out. Monthly,triple and quadruple witching days are not indicators of future market direction as the time limits forcing the closing of options and futures contracts have now ZEROED out those market influences ... leaving us to look to the Friday, April 16th 2010 options expiration for rolled over positions, or position increases, whether puts, or calls, for the NEXT bet on market direction.

"Healthcare Monday" is a toss up, depending if there is a vote on the Healthcare Bill, and the outcome of that vote.

I agree, as far as, if we keep putting off healthcare reform into the future, the FIX , and the COST, will outweigh the benefits .... However, our Congress keeps spending money we don't have, mortgaging the USA future, and putting off MORE important issues like getting people back to work.

Congress, and the President .. just don't have their PRIORITIES straight.

Getting people back to work should be PRIORITY ONE.

Paying down debt requires a PLAN. Priority Two: Create a PLAN for paying down debt, buying back Treasuries, etc. Let's tell the world the USA plans to become a "Creditor nation" instead of the always holding our hand out debtor nation we are now.

Priority three: The environment, global warming are the next important issues .. the USA, right NOW, has plenty of Natural Gas which is cleaner than coal, and imported crude ... and takes LESS energy to recover, process, and deliver. We can LOWER our trade deficit by converting to Nat gas vehicles, especially trucking, AND based on new Nat Gas wells ... all without a significant increase in Nat Gas prices.
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