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Stock portfolio exceeds lofty goal and target for 2014

Date November 28, 2014  Edited: November 28, 2014     Comments Comments (7)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (0)
One year ago, I decided to make a stock portfolio public allowing one to see all my trades in the portfolio 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All trades, all closed trades for the year are available for viewing.
I set some very lofty goals. With an exposure risk that averages at any given time, $115,000 in the portfolio, I wanted to make a net profit gain of $40,000 which relates to a 35% gain for the year. THIS HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED. This is better than 99% of all professional hedge a…

MOCKINGJAY consumer drone thoughts : riding on hot air ?

Date November 27, 2014  Edited: November 27, 2014     Comments Comments (0)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (5)
GPRO going with a new product - consumer drones
Will the shorts let the hot air out... likely my guess 
as stated in MO's blog of Nov 20 - GPRO not for the meek and weak
Oil - Russia
Oil price plunge coupled with the russian currency falling against the dollar could cause Russia to fall into bankruptcy...again.   That is exactly what happened to Russia during Reagan's presidency.

MOCKINGJAY thoughts : Nov 26

Date November 26, 2014  Edited: November 26, 2014     Comments Comments (8)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (11)
On this pre-thanksgiving day, we wish you a safe, joyful. and prayful  holiday. It's time to be thankful that we as a nation are allowed to protest our thoughts. It's painful that some of our paid law enforcements do more harm than help. In my town yesterday, a newspaper reporter was taken in custody for taking photographs of peaceful protesters.
Let us be first to announce the possibility of a buyout of GPRO, the camera company, by the 800lb gorilla monster itself, AAPL Apple. I…

APPLE Scorecard: Is 3J ready to capitulate ?

Date November 24, 2014  Edited: November 24, 2014     Comments Comments (17)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (8)
Apple scorecard
Base starting price = 98
Carl Icahn's  target = 203
3J's  latest target = 80
AAPL intra-day current price 118

GPRO not for the meek and weak

Date November 20, 2014  Edited: November 20, 2014     Comments Comments (7)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (12)
Just like Green Mountain Coffee when it came out as an ipo... many were saying this company selling a coffee gadget won't last. The sad sack shorts got in heavy on GMCR and paid a painful price when the product and coffee took off in share value .... and then green mountain bought out two companies , then signed an partnership agreement with starbucks and then had KO coca-cola buy 10% of the company.
Like Green Mountain coffee, GPRO has come out as a newbie ipo, selling a camera-gadget. Like GM…

Airline stocks continue to fly high

Date November 19, 2014  Edited: November 19, 2014     Comments Comments (10)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (14)
From Virgin America (VA) to good ole standbys' Delta and United, airline stocks continue to soar. Of course, fuel prices have something to do with it. However, airlines have learned how to take more of your money by charging you for any and everything - from baggage to cookies. Our private portfolio MOCKINGJAY for example owns VA at 30 and has already zoom way past that. Spirit airlines (SAVE)  is  taking off and charging you for every little thing. The good ole standbys' UAL and DAL s…

Final days of Catching Fire portfolio: Going out with a Bang !

Date November 18, 2014  Edited: November 18, 2014     Comments Comments (28)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (16)
APPLE scorecard:
Base scorecard starting price = 98
Icahn's AAPL target = 203
3J's target = 80
Current AAPL price = 114.30
DOW JONES: It's time for AAPL to join the Dow Jones industrial averages. It time to kick out IBM !
GPRO.. the video action camera company, has it's stock going even higher even after a secondary offering. The expectation is that it is over-subscribed and buyers are going to the open market. This in turn is likely to cause a short squeeze on the stock, oh those …

CATCHING FIRE PORTFOLIO about ready to end it's run

Date November 16, 2014     Comments Comments (9)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (13)
My highly successful public portfolio - available for viewing daily on my website - has hit it's Target of a net gain of $40,000. This is a 37.5% net increase - beating probably every major hedge fund for 2014 !
It's not done, as I will continue to display the fund for a few more weeks as it attempts to beat my yearly target.
The portfolio fund currently consists of 12 active holdings. I will identify some current events of certain of the stocks...
AGN... This stock currently shows a net gain…

DOW JONES: Time to Wake Up to Reality

Date November 12, 2014  Edited: November 13, 2014     Comments Comments (19)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (17)
OK, Dow Jones, it's time for you to wake up to reality...It's time for your DJ 30 index to include APPLE (AAPL). No excuses this time about how high price Apple is for your outdated weighting methodology of the index. It's time to kick out IBM...  which happens to be your current out of line weight factor as IBM has a share price in the 160's and no longer is a factor in current date high technology. Hell, IBM wants to unload it's chip business and just be service oriented.
APPLE repr…

The NO 1 best performing Hedge Fund for 2014

Date November 12, 2014     Comments Comments (19)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (15)
MightyMO's RobtheMarketBlind's Catching Fire is Number 1.....
However it's not a hedge fund but a daily public portfolio of stocks available for viewing on MO's RobtheMarketBlind website.
.... Currently showing a net profit gain of 34.50%. This beats all major hedge funds based on available data.
CATCHING FIRE... ends it public display of stock transactions and performance at the end of this month... but don't be alarmed... replacing it will be one likely to be ever better... MOCKINGJAY....
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