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Street Noise heard for this week

Date July 28, 2014  Edited: July 28, 2014     Comments Comments (1)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (2)

The world's hottest growth stock, Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA ) , will report earnings on Thursday. With the stock up about 600% in two years, you can bet the report will be closely scrutinized

Payment service might be imminent for AAPL. While there is a large spectrum of potential services Apple could be working on, a payments service is the most likely. And recent reports support this speculation. Also all of us know about the new products on the way (iwatch, 4.4 iphone, 5.5 ip…

Safety : The Myth of Investing in Safe Stocks

Date July 25, 2014     Comments Comments (4)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (6)
The DOW index was down 123 points Friday. My live and public 'Catching Fire' portfolio was Up Friday. It was UP although, according to Wall street's belief,  that it consists of high growth, high momentum, high flyer non-safe stocks such as Telsa (TSLA) which has huge short interest volumne, or Chipote (CMG), a high flyer which has bolted up to prices over 600 per share, or Apple (AAPL) which some think is fully valued.
Now, this is a one day lucky occurance. Many many times during the las…


Date July 21, 2014  Edited: July 23, 2014     Comments Comments (5)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (15)
CMG - chipote.. soared up in after market trading after  reporting a 26% increase in PROFITS.
NFLX - on track, no letdown after price increase...will lead to higher margins over time. International market to grow new subscribers.
AAPL -Wall street Journal reports AAPL ordering up to 80 million large screen iphones by end of year...largest initial order in their history. Reports later this week. Are you in? ???
GOOGL  - analyst consensus on reported earnings.. all 'pretty good'

Big earnings reporting week, includes Apple... my thoughts

Date July 19, 2014  Edited: July 20, 2014     Comments Comments (4)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (11)
I hold 4 stocks that will be reporting the week of July 20.  Come Friday I could be a lot poorer and conversely be sitting very pretty.
Those who make it big in the market take a certain amount of risk and have strong conviction. Investors diverisfy to lessen risk otherwise why not put all your eggs in one or two stocks.
AAPL (Apple). Reports after the close July 22. Expectations are 1.22 to 1.23 eps. 
Here's what I'll do.  (1) If earnings are positive but the stock d…

Hey it's summer, have faith in the market, here's why

Date July 17, 2014     Comments Comments (5)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (17)
My buy and hold approach is working fantastic compared to the one's selling via panic mode on any given down market day. On Aug 15, 2013 the DOW dropped 236 points due to FED lessening support for the economy that sent the stock market spiraling lower. Sound familiar ! About a month later in sept 2013 the DOW moved up 600 points from it's down day on AUG 15.

Apple and IBM in partnership !

Date July 15, 2014  Edited: July 15, 2014     Comments Comments (13)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (20)
  to offer unique ibm cloud servies and new applecare services... should be huge catayst for apple's ipad as well as the iphone.

TSLA: The revolution to all-electric automobiles is happening

Date July 14, 2014  Edited: July 15, 2014     Comments Comments (0)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (14)
For some reason this site has appeared to be negative on Tesla motors (TSLA). In the last year I have traded with much success and profit on this stock and intent to continue to do so.
There are several good cataysts for this stock occurring now but the one that can't be ignored is the following.
China announced last weekend rules that require at least 30% of all automobiles purchased by the government to be electric. It doesn't matter if these are TSLA vehicles or someone elses. The impo…

Stock portfolio update

Date July 13, 2014  Edited: July 14, 2014     Comments Comments (6)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (21)
I have a live public stock portfolio available for viewing daily on my website (see end of blog for website). I call it Catching fire. It started in late November, 2013. The portfolio (as of close of business July 11)  is showing a net gain of open and closed holdings of $20,283 with a rate of return of 29.41%.
I currently have 13 active holdings, all of them showing a profit except Starbucks (SBUX) with a  loss of $80.
The largest holding is Apple (AAPL), which I initially purc…

When, not if, Apple hits over 100 ! AND BEYOND !

Date July 8, 2014  Edited: July 8, 2014     Comments Comments (2)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (28)
Unless there's an overall wall street calamity, Apple (AAPL) will certainly pass the 100 share mark sometime this year.
Everyone knows about the upcoming iphone 6 with it's bigger screens
Everyone knows about the upcoming new product,  iWATCH
Everyone knows that AAPL has raised their dividend
Everyone knows that AAPL has increased it's amount of  buying back shares
Everyone knows about it's increase presence in China
Everyone knows about it's purchase of Beats
Everyione knows th…

China online commerce (business to consumer)

Date June 15, 2014  Edited: June 16, 2014     Comments Comments (1)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (28)
China Online Commerce has increased in growth by 44% year-to-year. Here are 15 china e-commerce stocks to consider. Do your own homework, I'm not recommending all of these, just listing the interesting ones. I currently do own two of the stocks listed.
Some people  talk about wishing they got in on the 'ground floor' of a new and exciting sector. China Online Commerce has been one this year. A number of IPO's have come out this year in this exciting industry for one to invest in. I wi…
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