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Aurcana Corporation - What should their next move be?

Date May 6, 2012     Comments Comments (5)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (197)
As Aurcana Corporation is bringing its Shafter Mine online, there has been lots of chatter on the stock bulletin boards as to what they should do next.  
The different choices are:

Dividend in form of cash or silver
Rollback of shares
Share Buyback
Reinvest profits into new mining projects

My choice is number 4.  Even when Shafter comes online, Aurcana will need to replace the reserves it's now taking out of the ground.  A dividend or share buyback just reduces the amoun…

Aurcana Corp - $1.00

Date February 22, 2012     Comments Comments (0)    Rate this post Recommend This Post (179)
At some point I'll write about a different company but today's not that day.  Aurcana is shaping up to have a big 2012, with their expansion at La Negra and the startup of their new mine Shafter in the March-May timeframe.  Finally it's getting some more mainstream press with an article on the Motley Fool and some newsletter coverage.  If you are still deciding on the silver stock with the best upside, Aurcana is still the best bang for your buck (no pun intended).
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